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What the Nation Should Know

- Written by: Ashok Pandey, Lakshya Godara, Shreya Sukhtankar

Any person who values responsible journalism may find it difficult to support the kind of journalism that is practiced by Arnab Goswami and his channel, Republic TV. His scathing remarks on politicians, bureaucrats and other prominent citizens might not always be graciously accepted.

Right To Privacy: A Fundamental Right

- Written by: Anushree Sutaone

A definite legal definition of ‘right to privacy’ is not given, but it can be defined as "The condition or the state of being free from public attention to intrusion into or interference with one’s acts or decisions; which means there is certain information regarding any individual which he or she would not like to disclose with anyone"

Democracy Gives and Democracy Takes Away!

-Written by - Mihir Devendra Beradia, Shishya Goyal, Sruthi Jayaprakash, Mudit Ahuja, Devanshi Masand

In these exceptional circumstances when a majority of people have lost their livelihoods. When destitute people with over a month of economic lockdown are on the verge of starvation when inflation has catapulted to a record.

The Corona - Contracts Corollary

-Written by: Mihir Devendra Beradia, Shishya Goyal, Shivanshu Awasthi, Akshita Bhandari, Swati Singh, Devanshi Masand, Vigneshwaran K, Sarita Gupta, Sanmati S. Rao, Gurucharan P, S.B. Valli Chaudhar

The rise of COVID-19, the pathogen causing coronavirus which started in the Wuhan region of China has resulted in dramatic consequences with thousands of deaths and complete lockdown in various countries across the world

Supreme Court And The Blue Whale Game

- Written by: Adv Manav Gecil Thomas

The Supreme Court recently at this belated stage has passed a judgment in connection to the Blue Whale Game. It is highly draconian to see the impacts of the laches and delay in the Judiciary System of this Country. When the entire country including Children, Parents and Adults who are aware of the said game

Is it Justifible to let Legislators decide their Salaries?

- Written by: ANINDITHA VENGYALIL, law student symbiosis law school, Hyderabad

There is constantly a sharp condemnation regarding the determination of remuneration of the Members of Parliament as well as Members of Legislative Assemblies of respective states in our country. In India the salary of the MPs and MLAs are fixed by themselves.

Battered Women Syndrome

- Written by: Shishir Chaganti ( Second Year student of O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat, Haryana)

A marriage is believed to be a sacrament that is meant to last for eternity. The society has assigned roles to the parties in the marriage. The husband is the bread winner and the provider for the family, and the wife is a caretaker both.