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- Written by: Adv Manav Gecil Thomas

The Supreme Court recently at this belated stage has passed a judgment in connection to the Blue Whale Game. It is highly draconian to see the impacts of the laches and delay in the Judiciary System of this Country. When the entire country including Children, Parents and Adults who are aware of the said game and have totally forgotten about its existence will again generate a keen interest to know about the Deadly Game now by virtue of the said direction given by the Hon`ble Supreme Court to Doordarshan to telecast a program on the pros and cons of the Blue whale game. Instead of passing a direction at this belated stage, which would be telecasted on National Television showcasing the pros and cons of the Blue whale game the Supreme Court should have passed an order which would seek to ban on telecommunications which provide the link to download the Blue Whale Game which would result in providing the benefit as desired for rather than generating curiosity in the Deadly game. Online Virtual Reality Games have its own advantages as well as dis-advantages for which a separate committee with experts having Technical Knowledge along with Members who will be able to comment upon the Beneficial effects or disastrous impacts of the Games. The Judicial system of this Country inspite of innumerable comments from various quarters continuous to deliver delayed justice. The Proverb “ Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” is apt to the current situation. In view of the delayed decision by the Hon`ble Supreme Court the Disastrous effects of the Blue Whale Game might continue to increase thereby, defeating the purpose of the direction.