Right to eat beef whether a Fundament Right or not?

The most precious of all Fundamental Rights is Right to Life that is governed by the provisions of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. In the recent times, there has been a huge menace created by the Cow Vigilantes regarding the consumption of beef. The Central Government though has miserably failed to put a stop to the violence that broke out however, has directed the State Governments to take necessary and strict steps against the so called Cow Vigilantes.

Over the 70 years India has been independent only over the recent times citizens of this country are bickering over these issues with a religious angle. The so called Cow Vigilantes ignore the very fact that, “India is the largest producer and exporter of buffalo meat in the world. In the year 2015, the world's largest exporters of beef, (including buffalo meat), were India, Brazil and Australia.” Violent out breaks on the issue of eating beef has been all over the media but, what the Cow Vigilantes as well as the media did not inform the public was about the contribution India plays in the Beef market in the World. The exporters, manufacturers etc., were not at all at the risk of any violent acts to their fortune.

Now, coming to the aspect of the right to eat food of one’s choice, the Supreme Court as well as various High Courts including the Madras and the Bombay High Court has held that, no body let alone the Government can prepare the diet chart for any person. The choice to eat or not to eat is well within the realm of the Right to privacy which again is under dispute in the recent dispute over Aadhar Card now dealt by the Hon’ble Apex Court. However, there are numerous judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court that has held the right to privacy as a Fundamental Right as rightly pointed out by Justice Chelameswar of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Thus, it will be logical to deduce that, the right to eat or not to eat any kind of food shall be let alone to the person who eats and not to the Policy makers. The citizens indulging in acts of violence on the said issue forget to realize the most precious rights viz., THE HUMAN RIGHTS. In this country non-violence has always been the custom and tradition that even the Hon’ble Prime Minister of this country embarks upon each and every individual to realize.